Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Cine Multi Cinemas Becomes the First Cinema in Brazil to Accept Bitcoin for Movie Tickets

Some good old movies can be watched in a Brazilian cinema after paying for tickets with Bitcoin. The latter can be attributed to the efforts of Bancryp, a cryptocurrency bank who has partnered with Cine Multi, a cinema in the South American country. According to Bancryp, this makes Cine Multi the first cinema in the country to accept the virtual currency.

Brazilians to Buy Movie Tickets Using Bitcoin

Based on Bancryp’s report, individuals, families, and friends, as usual, can walk into a movie house in Brazil to enhance their level of entertainment during the day or at night. However, payment is no longer limited to cash because Bitcoin is now accepted by Cine Multi. Therefore, the digital asset can be a part of people’s daily lives and not just held within wallets.

Cine Multi, the movie house in question is located in Florianópolis, the capital of southern Brazil’s Santa Catarina state. The city is touted to be the second largest in the country. Cine Multi is also the first cinema in the state, and it boasts of a 98 seating capacity. Based on the site’s publication, major international festivals, and commercial films are featured.

Movie Theatre Has Been Following the Path of Culture

While commenting on the collaboration, Bancryp said the movie theatre has been following the path of culture, and as such, accepting Bitcoin makes them a pioneer of an innovative market. The cryptocurrency company also stated that people in the area would be the pioneers in paying a cinema with Bitcoin.

Consequently, using the Bancryp POS terminal, the virtual asset can be transacted for movie tickets. This will also be made possible using the card, bracelet, or the Bancryp App. That being the case, this places the company among several others in the South American country that is actively adopting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cash.

More Businesses in Brazil Accept Bitcoin

BTCNN on December 21 informed that Oásis Supermercados, a retail company in Brazil began accepting Bitcoin. At that time, Douglas Andrade, an administrator of the company said receiving Bitcoin for goods is a simple process. He also added that it could be likened to using credit cards which are easy and fast.

Another instance was also reported on December 18 of Atletico Mineiro, a Brazilian football club that intends to launch its digital currency. It can be expected that the club will be the first in the region to accept a virtual currency for football tickets, jerseys, and other customized services.

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