Church's Chicken Restaurants in Venuezuela Now Accepts Dash Cryptocurrency

On December 8, we reported that KFC restaurants in Venezuela would be accepting Dash Cryptocurrency as a method of payment. It seems that Church’s Chicken, another competitor in the area has beaten them to it. The latter is now the first restaurant in the South American country to accept Dash.

KFC Says, They Are Yet to Finalize Plans to Adopt Dash

About a week ago, a Dash official made a publication on Twitter. He said KFC restaurants in Venezuela would be accepting the digital asset. The management of KFC days later disputed the claim. According to them, the company is considering the adoption of the virtual currency and plans have not been finalized to determine their stance on the matter.
Though this was enough to break the hearts of some crypto enthusiasts and lovers of fried chicken, another exciting news has emerged. And this time, it’s for real! Church’s Chicken, the fourth largest restaurant in the world with 1,700 eateries in 25 countries, is accepting Dash in its Venezuelan restaurants.

Customers to Buy Food From Church’s Chicken Using Dash

DashPay confirmed the news on Twitter stating that from December, 12, customers can buy food in 13 of Church’s restaurants in the country using the digital asset. Before the announcement, Dash Venezuela had carried out a pilot phase of transacting in these stores. Negotiations were also made until an agreement was reached upon.
They also revealed that the Venezuelan branch of the company has been training people and holding conferences and workshops. The aim has been to educate entrepreneurs, as well as the general public on how to use the cryptocurrency. This will encourage the widespread use of the cryptocurrency in the country and show customers what they can do with it.

More Private Companies are Adopting Cryptocurrencies

Private companies are now accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment for their goods and services. This is not limited to offline stores, but online stores are doing the same. One of the largest online bookstores in Indian began accepting Bitcoin to allow readers to buy books with the virtual asset.
A Health Spa in Kenya where people can get massage and pedicure is accepting Bitcoin as well. The owner of the spa revealed that this development was brought about by the losses the center had been facing. These were losses in the form of theft which were untraceable. But now, this will no longer be the case since transactions can be traced on the Blockchain.

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