Saturday, April 4, 2020

Chinese Cities Use Blockchain to Track Parolees

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It has been discovered that at the very least, a couple of Chinese cities use the Blockchain to monitor and track parolees. The Chinese cities of Zhongshan and Foshan have reportedly gone beyond the limits put in place for community correction officials, such as when the information concerning parolees was available to them. The pioneering city to use this hardware was Foshan, and Zhongshan followed suit.

The Use of the Blockchain to Track Parolees

A Facebook update from People’s Daily states that this utilization of the Blockchain was recently adopted and it goes beyond giving the location of a parolee to officials. The Facebook update went thus;

“The city of Foshan in southern China’s Guangdong province on Monday announced the launch of the nation’s first blockchain-based community correction service system to keep track of offenders in its Chancheng district in real time. The system allows local police, prosecutors, and court officials to share their real-time data and to coordinate their services to conduct better supervision on and service for the offenders, officials introduced at a press conference on Monday.”

A diverse opinion, however, surfaced suggesting that the system possesses a yet unknown smart neural network component. The system can be used to predict whether the felon will commit a crime again based on information and data computing.

In light of this fact, the advantages of this new style of system consist of less contact between offenders and parole officers. The meetings might not be needed at all as the parole officers would have access to a clarified system of events by the parolees.

How the Blockchain Tracking System Works

Disclosures on the seemingly complex program have not been revealed to the public, and it further establishes the versatile use of the blockchain which includes its ease of auditing transactions on the immutable blockchain, tracking items in a factory throughout its lifespan, and now, tracking community offenders the administration wants to rehabilitate.

Tracking With Blockchain

We do not know the person/people who pioneered the idea of the Blockchain, but it’s sure that they never assumed their idea could be implemented this way as seen in this case of tracking parolees. The Blockchain ultimately is a step forward in the advancement of human technology, be it finance, gaming, or as lately seen, the idea of rehabilitation. In the whitepaper of the Bitcoin and Blockchain, Satoshi Nakamoto partially stated that the government and corporations could not give us privacy in terms of transactions. The Bitcoin pioneer further said that information was created to be free and fill up the storage space available to it.

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