China’s Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Sues MicroBT Whatsminer for $15 Million

It’s the battle of the Bitcoin miners out in the open! In a fresh development on Wednesday, April 7, Chinese Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain has filed a $15 million lawsuit against MicroBT Whatsminer with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. The court has acknowledged the filing and accepted the case.
China’s local news publication IP Economy reports that Bitmain has levied charges of stealing the technology against MicroBT founder Yang Zuoxing. The article notes that Yang was previously an employee of Bitmain and was involved in the research and development of its new-generation chip in 2015.
However, months later, Yang left his job at Bitmain “without going through any resignation procedures and handing over documents”. By July 2016, Yang founded MicoBT, and in less than 5 months from then, the company completed the chip design. The article further notes how Yang was arrested back in 2019 for infringing trade secrets.
“In 2019, Bitmain requested the public security organs to take criminal measures against Yang Zuoxing and other entities on the grounds that Yang Zuoxing and Bit Micro violated trade secrets. It is understood that this time Bitmain initiated a technical secret infringement lawsuit, with the purpose of requesting Yang Zuoxing and Bit Micro to make up for the economic losses caused by their infringement and at the same time requesting them to stop infringing on trade secrets”.
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