China State Newsletter Talks Blockchain; Cites Regulation As Necessary

People’s Daily, the communist party newsletter, released today an informative and editorial article called “Three points about the Blockchain”, where they deliver some views on blockchain technology.
The article goes to define some basic concepts as the definition of blockchain, its actual uses, and applications (by explaining some problems actually solved via its use) and speculates about the state that blockchain tech will have in the future.
The report states that “Blockchain technology is not yet mature, application scenarios are limited, but we should be alert to the concept of capital market speculation” referring to the subjects of market volatility and price, stating that in the current state, cryptocurrencies prices can be influenced and manipulated.
The outlet also ponders on dividing the market of cryptocurrencies and the real potential of blockchain tech to be a usable positive innovation in peoples lives. For this subject, it calls on regulations and clear policies. Its strange for the communist party to discuss blockchain info in mainstream media; China has a known ban stance for cryptocurrencies and ICO’s inside its borders.

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