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Cheapair Will No Longer Use Third-Party Processors On Bitcoin Payments


Cheapair.com — American Travel Agency that accepts cryptocurrency payments — announced on Friday that they will no longer use a third party in processing bitcoin and other crypto payments.

Cheapair was also one of Coinbase partner in bitcoin payments since 2013 as well as Expedia — which no longer accepts crypto payments. Due to the issues regarding Coinbase, the travel agency decided to seek other third-party platforms in order to provide cryptocurrency payments on their system; to the extent that they ask for an assistance on their loyal customers.

With the massive support from the customers of Cheapair, an official statement from the CEO of Cheapair.com Jeff Klee was posted on the website stating that they’ve decided to no longer provide a third-party in the process of their bitcoin payments and instead use BTCPayServer, an open-source bitcoin payment processor.

“For about a month now, we have been testing an open source Bitcoin payment processor, BTCPayServer, which, admittedly, I had never heard of before several of you suggested I take a look at it. Although there was a slight learning curve at first, and some engineering work to create the flow to turn crypto from you into dollars for airlines and hotels, we are thrilled with the end result” Klee posted in cheapair.

Although a lot of differences were compared between the two processors, Cheapair was admitted to be amazed by the performance of BTCPayServer. According to the statement, the new processor is faster and more efficient because of its full control and autonomy that no longer connected with another party. Moreover, the risks of confidentiality and other issues on third-party processing is now more lessened and secured unlike then.

“We now have much more control of the process, which has made possible faster, more efficient order processing. We can also do a much better job of gracefully handling the occasional anomalies that are still inherent in crypto commerce”

Cheapair is not the only company that had trouble in finding another third party processor in replacement with Coinbase. Most of the other travel companies decided to just stop making bitcoin transactions yet Cheapair made a firm stand of supporting the cryptosystem as a way for payment describing this as a “win-win [situation] for both CheapAir and our customers”.

BTCPayServer may not be as smooth-sailing as Coinbase but its existence in the market grab an attention to other companies looking for bitcoin processors; making them as an option and maybe, later on, the best option for bitcoin payments.