While cryptocurrency markets have been red hot and gaining in value, demand for certain assets and liquidity has grown massive. At the same time, a myriad of crypto proponents are chasing significant returns by hunting for liquidity pools with colossal yields. These days certain decentralized finance (defi) applications can give a yearly ROI upwards of 100-400% in some cases depending on the applications leveraged.
Pools of Crypto Liquidity Are Growing
During the last year and a half, decentralized finance (defi) has grown more robust and today there’s $46.24 billion total value locked in defi apps, according to defipulse stats. While digital currencies like bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and many other crypto assets have seen significant gains, people are also getting large returns for providing liquidity. Additionally, thanks to Web3 wallets like Metamask, providing liquidity without dealing with a centralized third-party is key to decentralized finance.

Last month, Bitcoin.com reported on crypto earnings, in comparison to a traditional savings account. The report noted how people can earn up to 17% annually using a variety of centralized and decentralized applications. 17% is a nice return and it outperforms the banks’ interest rates (0.50% to 0.66%) by a long shot, however, there are other cryptocurrency applications with much deeper yields.
From left to right: Badger DAO, Kyber Network, Uniswap, Demex, Curve.fi, Balancer, and Sushiswap.The following article explains how returns of up to 400% can be obtained using defi apps like the Badger DAO (app.badger.finance) and the Decentralized Mercantile Exchange (Demex- app.dem.exchange).

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