Analyst Expects Bitcoin to Fall by $2K Despite Bullish Fundamentals

As Bitcoin attempts a breakout move above $11,000, an analyst sees the cryptocurrency moving in the opposite direction. TradingView contributor Vince Prince placed the latest...

Polkadot Smashes Into Market Cap Top Ten Following DOT Redenomination

Faith in Polkadot hasn’t been tarnished by the ham-fisted actions of Binance and Kraken, after the cryptocurrency exchanges commenced trading for DOT two days...

Binance Coin, IOTA, Zcash Price Analysis: 18 August

Binance Coin continued its uptrend, after a pullback in early August. BNB had important support levels to fall back to if faced with sell...

Gold Bull Peter Schiff Still Thinks Bitcoin Is a “Fad” on Its Way to Zero

Gold bull Peter Schiff has not been convinced by the rally in Bitcoin’s price, despite the positive macroeconomic trends underpinning it. The long-time crypto skeptic...

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Forex Vs. Cryptocurrency In 2020: Are Forex Traders Leaving In Favor Of Crypto?

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OneCoin Investors Allege BNY Mellon Aided $4B Fraud

Following the publication of the FinCEN Files on Monday, investors suing OneCoin have now filed charges against BNY Mellon.

OCC’s First Issued Guidance for Stablecoins Brings More Questions

For some, the OCC's recent stablecoin guidance, while helpful, raises as many issues as it clarifies.

Russian Web Censor Tells Binance It’s Been Blacklisted – Three Months Late

Roskomnadzor blacklisted Binance in June, but apparently only made the cryptocurrency exchange aware of its decision today.