Tuesday, July 14, 2020



How Many Stores Around the World Actually Accept Gold?

Bitcoin and Gold have always been compared side by side, with many believing Bitcoin is digital gold for a number of reasons...

Report: Banks Poses Bigger Risks Than Cryptocurrencies

While banks are of the opinion that the anonymity of cryptocurrency has aided its use for crime, the community believes that banks...

Changpeng Zhao Says Cryptocurrency Will Overtake Fiat Due to Excessive Printing of Cash

While Bitcoin's closed cap of 21 million coins has been applauded by many and is seen as the feature that helps to...

Andreas Antonopoulos Advises Investors Not to Trust Third Parties With their Cryptocurrencies

Andreas Antonopoulos, author of Mastering Bitcoin in a recent YouTube session advised cryptocurrency investors against storing their assets on third-party platforms. The...

Economist Says Flaws in Bitcoin [BTC] Makes Revival Very Unlikely

What makes the cryptocurrency industry interesting is having supporters at one end and critics at the other waiting with a knife and...

Research: Cryptocurrency Exchanges’ Trading Fee is 250x Higher Than Stock Exchanges

Alex Kruger, an economist says we've been spending too much fees while transacting on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the trader, the average...

Crypto Trader Predicts Bitcoin’s Price at $55,000 by May 2020

PlanB, a professional cryptocurrency trader has gone through the trouble of carrying out a mathematical analysis between Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver. He...

Vitalik Buterin Says Bitcoin’s Fixed Supply is Deceptive

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum's co-founder and CEO recently gave his opinion on Bitcoin's finite supply of 21 million and the impact it could...

Researcher Says Central Banks’ Entrance into the Market Could Fuel Bitcoin’s Next Rally

Cryptocurrency analysts are relying on Bitcoin's price chart to ascertain if the crypto-winter is coming to an end, others are relying on...

Peter Todd Proposes A Raise In Bitcoin’s [BTC] Total Supply

Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million coins which we're all happy about. It'll ensure that someday, even though not today,...

Latest news

Low-Cap Index Hits All-Time High as Small Cryptocurrencies Rally

A novel index of 50 low-capitalization cryptocurrencies made new all-time highs as it continues to outperform bitcoin.

The Real Story Behind Tesla’s Crazy Rally

As Elon Musk settles into being richer than Warren Buffett, NLW looks at what is driving the Tesla stock rally.

Google Searches for Chainlink Hits Record High as Link Token Rallies

Have you googled Chainlink lately? You're far from the only one, according to new data.

Blockchain Bites: It’s Never Been Harder to Mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin's mining difficulty is at a record high, Singapore's CBDC may find commercial use and Chinese companies are going in on Filecoin.

Polkadot’s Inaugural Vote Could Expand DOT Supply by 1000x

The first vote on Polkadot will be to see whether the DOT supply should be redenominated by a "logical" 100x or even by 1000x.