Free Speech vs. Cancel Culture: Reasons for Optimism

From social media to controversial statues, the free speech debate is more alive than ever. New tech can help safeguard history while letting us...

Bitcoin’s Patronage System Is an Unheralded Strength

Bitcoin development is better funded than ever, cementing a patronage model that protects against insider maneuvering.

TikTok and the Great Firewall of America

U.S. politicians say TikTok is a threat to Americans' privacy. But can we trust Silicon Valley giants to behave any better?

China’s Open Source Development Has Lessons for the US

While the U.S. complains about TikTok and Chinese IP theft, China is forging a new form of development based on open source networks.

Two Reasons Crypto’s Bull Market Is Coming

Capital from dying token projects and an inflationary environment provide conditions for crypto's march towards a $1 trillion market cap.

Why Hackers Are Demanding $4.5 Million in Bitcoin From a Travel Firm

Last week it emerged that travel management firm CWT paid a ransom demand of $4.5 million in Bitcoin. Initially, hackers had demanded $10 million to...

Five Years In, DeFi Now Defines Ethereum

Ethereum has always struggled with explaining itself to the world. With DeFi, it's found not only a new avenue of development but of self-definition.

Money Reimagined: Let’s Be Privacy Scolds

Technical solutions to protect financial privacy may not suffice. Stronger cultural norms around minding one’s own business are needed as well.

Social Media Companies Are ‘Too Big to Fail’

Social media firms are quickly becoming as important to the economy, finance and real life as Wall Street titans. TBTF companies demand special attention.

If Blockchain Can’t Serve Gamers, It’s Useless

Estimates indicate that by the end of 2021, 2.7 billion people will be regular players of video games. Stated another way, in the near...

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