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Survey Shows 77% of Americans Are Concerned About Rising Inflation, Prices for Goods Are Soaring

Since well before the Covid-19 outbreak was found in America, the U.S. Federal Reserve invoked a number of monetary easing policies. Then throughout 2020, the central bank created a quarter of all the USD ever issued in less than 12…
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Inflation Concerns Supersede Covid-19: 220 Investors Managing $650B Say Economy’s Biggest Risk Is Inflation

As mainstream media pundits like the Bloomberg economics editor Peter Coy tell Americans to “tune out the hyperinflation hype,” fund managers from a recent Bank of America survey who collectively manage $630 billion, believe inflation is the biggest risk to…
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‘The Fed Is Trapped’- Erratic Bond Markets, Exhausted Supplies, Analyst Says Tsunami of Treasury Issuances Underway

The U.S. Federal Reserve is in a predicament as fiscal deficits erode the American economy and the nation is seeing a spike in benchmark 10-year Treasury yields. Meanwhile, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell expressed zero worries about inflation during an…
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