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JP Morgan: Bitcoin’s Decreasing Volatility Makes It More Appealing to Institutions, Revises BTC Price Prediction to $130K

JP Morgan says that bitcoin’s volatility has decreased in recent weeks, making the cryptocurrency more appealing to institutional investors. The investment bank has also revised its bitcoin price target to $130,000. Increased Institutional Adoption, New Price Prediction for Bitcoin JPMorgan…
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2% Inflation Is a Myth- 2021 Statistics Show Prices of Goods and Services Have Surged

Members of the U.S. Federal Reserve and fellow bureaucrats have said that they are not worried about inflation levels and some officials have even encouraged a general increase in prices for goods and services. Despite the alleged statistics that say…
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BNY Mellon Report Compares Bitcoin and Gold, Study Says ‘Gold Is the Only Globally Accepted Currency’

The popular safe-haven asset gold recently posted the lowest settlement in three weeks, as a firm dollar and bond market yields have weakened support for the precious metal. The financial goliath BNY Mellon also published a report about the differences…
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