Monday 10th of December 2018

Ethereum News

Ethereum is the largest public opened sourced blockchain based platform for decentralised applications. The Ethereum platform was created to gives users the ability to build programs without involving the middleman.

Ethereum was developed by Vitalik Buterin and went live on July 30, 2015. It launched with 72 million “premined” coins. And in 2016, Ethereum was split into two separate blockchains.

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Ethereum, Peoples' Choice

Residents in Manila Paid ETH for Cleaning Polluted Beaches

Blockchain technology continues to shove out the need for intermediaries in unexpected ways beyond imaginations. In recent interesting developments, residents of Manila would now...
mining farm

New Research Reveals Ethereum GPU Mining No longer Profitable

The profit gained monthly from Ethereum GPU mining has drastically reduced from $150 per month in the summer of 2017 to zero in November 2018. Susquehanna, a global technology and trading firm released fresh data indicating this report.

Close to 1% of Total Ethereum Supply is locked in the MakerDAO Smart Contract

The creator of, Mike McDonald, recently posted on Twitter about the locking of 1,000,000 Ethereum coins in the MakerDAO smart contract, amounting to almost 1% of the total Ethereum supply.
Amazon Consensys Ethereum Marketplace

Amazon and ConsenSys to Introduce Ethereum Marketplace to Boost Blockchain Projects

A subordinate of the venture production studio, ConsenSys, called Kaleido is launching an  Ethereum marketplace comprising of plug and play services to aid projects...
joseph lubin

Ethereum’s Co-Founder: Development of Blockchain Could Take Longer than the Web

Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys Creator has stated that the development of blockchain will take a little longer than the time it took to develop the...

School Officials Caught Mining Ethereum In School Premises

Few of the school officials from China needs to learn a lesson after they were caught in doing some mining works inside the school...

Ethereum Gambling Platform Augur Records About $2 Million in Bets in US Midterms

A major cryptocurrency gambling platform, Augur, has recorded more than $2 million in bets placed concerning the 2018 U.S mid-term elections which saw the Republicans win Senate but lose control of the House of Representatives.

eToro Launches Adapted Cryptocurrency Wallet for Bitcoin and Major Altcoins

EToro, a technological platform for trading cryptocurrency and fiat currencies worldwide, has introduced its adapted cryptocurrency wallet today. The eToro wallet houses some of...
Ethereum Smart Contracts

Analyst Report Says, Lack of Uniqueness in Ethereum’s Smart Contracts Poses Risks to the...

On October, 31, three analysts from the Northeastern University and the University of Maryland released a paper called, "Analyzing Ethereum’s Contract Topology". This report which...
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Reveals His Son Mines Ethereum

Despite Google’s ban on crypto-related ads, its billionaire-rich leading figures have not made any attempts at hiding their love for digital currencies. Sundar Pichai,...