KPMG Cryptocurrency Store of Value Asset

KPMG: Bitcoin Cannot Be Classified As Store of Value Yet

Top audit, tax, and advisory services firm, KPMG, has revealed in a study on cryptocurrency that for digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) to attain the status of a store of value asset, it would take a long period of time.
Bitcoin Price Reach New Lows: $5000 New Support Level

Bitcoin Price Reach New Lows: $5000 New Support Level

Bitcoin trading has been a rollercoaster all this month, with bitcoin price getting to new lows every day. While there have been bullish predictions...
Bitcoin Price To Fall Further Down, $1500 Possible

Bitcoin Price To Fall Further Down, $1500 Possible

Bloomberg analysts estimate that this situation that we live in the start of a crypto-winter. According to them, the bitcoin price (the original cryptocurrency) can...

Germany’s Only Regulated Bitcoin Exchange to Become a Bank Next Year

The only regulated Bitcoin exchange in Germany will become a bank next year, this was confirmed by the exchange’s operator who announced that, following...
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Pantera Capital CEO: Bitcoin to Be Just as Popular as the Internet

Bitcoin (BTC), as a pointer in a vast cryptocurrency sector, has marked an explosive growth in a very short space of time, and Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, does not think its impressive growth rate would be stuttering just yet.
Tom Lee Lowers Bitcoin Price Forecast To $15K

Tom Lee Lowers Bitcoin Price Forecast To $15K

Fundstrat's Thomas Lee lowered its forecast for bitcoin's price at years end. According to Tom Lee, bitcoin won't be able to touch the $25K...

There are 120,000 Active Bitcoin Users in Moscow- Yandex Survey

According to a new survey by Yandex, the internet related products Russian Multinational Corporation, about 120,000 of the total 12 million population of Moscow actively use cryptocurrency.
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Major Investor: The Bitcoin Price Dip to $5,600 is Good for Crypto Market

After several months of low volatility with the Bitcoin price bobbing about the $6500 mark, usually between prices of $6200 and 6700$ as observed by margin traders and crypto observers, the price finally dipped more than 10% on Wednesday.
Bitcoin Financial Crisis

European Central Bank Board Member: Bitcoin is a Result of the Financial Crisis

An Eurozone chief monetary economist, Benoît Cœuré, applauded Bitcoin on Thursday stating that the cryptocurrency was an “extremely clever idea” in relation to financial crisis, but it suffers from “manifold problems.”

Bitcoin is the ‘Medicine You Need,’ Claims Crypto Economist

Popular crypto economist and one of the most prominent thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space, Dr. Saifedean Ammous, has stated that Bitcoin (BTC) ‘kicks every other money’s ass.’