Saturday 15th of December 2018

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency and was developed by a group of unknown independent programmers named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

The digital currency has no central bank or single administrator and can be sent from user to user on the peer to peer bitcoin network.

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Grayscale Keeps Pouring Money Into Crypto

Crypto VC Funds: Bear Market Leaves Many Startups in Tatters

2018’s bear market has disturbed a lot of waters, and the field of venture capital funding in the crypto-space has been one of the...
Bitcoin price

Speculative Investments Driving Bitcoin Prices- BitPay CEO

The market price for Bitcoin has not shown any signs of leaving its found spot on the $3000 market, and if anything, it just...
XYO Network Esri

XYO Network Forms a Partnership with Esri for Data Access

XYO Network, a Geographic Information System (GIS) based on the blockchain technology, has declared its partnership with Esri, a company established in 1969 and...

Controversial Scientist Says Bitcoin is not a New Form of Money but a Commodity

Craig S. Wright, the controversial scientist, and businessman, who claimed to be the originator of the most popular crypto, Bitcoin has revealed via social...

The Patronage of Institutional Investors Leads to Swiss ETP Volume Rise

The recent decrease in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has not deterred the success of Bitcoin ETP, which was recently launched on the SIX...
bitcoin accepted in resturants

Kenyan Health Spa Now Accepts Bitcoin

In Nairobi, Kenya, a Health Spa where people receive massage and pedicure is now accepting Bitcoin. These services are rendered in Health Land Spa, a service...

Poloniex Fights On, Continues Free USDC Trades

With cryptocurrencies taking a rest towards the end of the year, the unfolding battle between major stablecoins across the globe does not show any...
Bitcoin ETF Approval US SEC

Chance of Bitcoin ETF Approval Down to 10%- Legal Expert

A legal expert, Jake Chervinsky, has stated that there is only a 10% chance that the proposed, commodity-backed Bitcoin ETF proposal of VanEck and...

Bitmain’s Israeli Branch Closed Due To Poor Market Performance

The price of Bitcoin is presently going through its worst phase yet, trading at 80% less than its previous robust price which has affected...
How to Sign Up to Bitcoin

How to Sign Up to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is notoriously known for its volatile nature as its price fluctuation cannot be predicted. Many investors have made a lot of money through...