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Bitriver to Sell Tokens Backed by 100 Megawatts of Low-Carbon Siberian Mining Power

On April 12, the international provider of colocation services for low-carbon cryptocurrency mining Bitriver announced it is launching a pre-sale of tokens backed by 100 megawatts (MW) of mining power in Siberia. The ERC20 tokens called “bitriver token (BTR)” will…
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Chinese Lottery Firm Rebrands, Purchases Bitcoin Mining Rig Manufacturer for $100 Million

Following the acquisition of the Chinese mining pool Btc.com, the China-based lottery company 500.com revealed the purchase of a bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Bee Computing. The Shenzhen firm purchased the semiconductor and mining device manufacturer for roughly $100 million in…
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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Sets New Records, BTC Miners Capture $1.5 Billion in Revenue Last Month

On Friday, April 2, 2021, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty is the highest it has even been in its lifetime but bitcoin miners still captured record revenues last month raking in $1.5 billion in coinbase rewards and transaction fees. Today, the blockchain’s…
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Youtuber Builds a Bitcoin Miner Out of a 31-year old Nintendo Game Boy

On Saturday, a popular Youtuber named Stacksmashing published a video that shows him hacking a 1989 Nintendo Game Boy in order to mine bitcoin. Despite the creativity and the fact that the miner only leverages four double-A batteries, Stacksmashing noted…
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DMG and Argo to Launch a Clean Energy-Focused Bitcoin Mining Pool

The blockchain and crypto firm DMG Blockchain Solutions has revealed a partnership with the crypto asset mining business Argo Blockchain. The two firms have decided to launch a bitcoin mining pool that’s focused on leveraging clean energy resources. DMG Blockchain…
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Hut 8 Joins Foundry’s US Mining Pool, Adds Over 14,000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs of Hashpower

On Tuesday, the firm Hut 8 Mining Corp., announced that it is joining the Foundry U.S.-based mining pool. The publicly-listed mining company said that it added 14,400 machines to Foundry’s mining operation and it also plans to deploy another 5,000…
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500 MW by 2025: Bitcoin Miner Greenidge and It’s Wholly-Owned Power Plant to Be Listed on Nasdaq

On Monday, the New York-based company Greenidge Generation Holdings revealed the business aims to be the first publicly-listed mining operation with a wholly-owned power plant. Greenidge expects to be publicly listed on Nasdaq via a merger with the firm Support.com….
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Ebang Hopes to Capture a ‘Competitive Edge’ After Developing a Next-Generation 6nm Bitcoin Mining Chip

The publicly-listed bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Ebang has announced the completion of a new 6nm ASIC mining chip. Ebang believes the next-generation mining chip will give the firm’s ASIC products a “competitive edge” in the ambitious bitcoin mining industry. Mass…
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BTC Hashpower Swells: Bitcoin Network Touches 185 Exahash, Hashrate Climbs 18,400% Since 2016

During the last week, the Bitcoin network’s hashrate has jumped to a record high of 185 exahash per second on March 14, 2021. The hashpower has relentlessly continued to rise, climbing a whopping 18,400% in five years since January 21,…
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