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Crypto Economy Nears $2 Trillion, XRP Gains 37%, BTC Dominance Drops to 56%

Digital currency markets have seen some significant gains on Monday as the entire market capitalization of all 8,500+ cryptocurrencies in existence has jumped a few percentages. Bitcoin’s price has spiked a touch over 1.5%, but a number of other coins…
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Bitcoin’s Price Consolidates, Elon Musk Tweet Sends Dogecoin Surfing, Filecoin Surges

While bitcoin prices have been consolidating just under the $60k handle, a number of other alternative digital assets have seen steep gains. Two coins, in particular, the decentralized storage network filecoin token and the notorious meme token dogecoin have jumped…
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Crypto Markets Rebound, Bitcoin Price Consolidates, BTC Dominance Levels Sink

The price of bitcoin dropped around 8% during the last seven days, but prices started to improve during Friday’s mid-afternoon trading sessions. Today, bitcoin is swapping for prices between $54,400 to $54,800 per unit and commands a $1.02 trillion market…
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Crypto Markets Regain Billions, Bitcoin Price Bounces Back 15%, Analyst Says ‘Resurgent Mood In the Air’

The price of bitcoin and a number of digital assets saw significant gains on Monday, as the entire market capitalization of the crypto economy has gained 2.4% in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin’s value passed the psychological $50k zone after…
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