Capixal Review | The All-In-One Solution For CFDs on Crypto, Metals, & More

With so many options out there, finding the best trading platform to suit all your needs is a tough challenge to overcome. Does it have your preferred instruments to trade? Is the platform reliable, reputable, and secure? Does it have all the tools you need?
Reviews are critical in helping traders sort through the noise and find the features they desire before making a deposit. This platform review aims to educate the reader on if Capixal is worth signing up for and how to get started once a decision is made.
What is Capixal?
Capixal is a new type of crypto trading platform, that allows for much more than just plain Bitcoin trading. Capixal is a CFD broker, meaning contracts for differences. This type of derivative trading is ideal as it provides the most flexibility in trading instruments. 
That’s why Capixal is able to provide one of the most extensive lists of assets under one roof. Among the assets offered include the aforementioned cryptocurrency asset class – dozens of them – alongside metals, forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and much more.
CFDs also enable long or short positions so traders can profit regardless of the market’s direction. Additional order types such as stop-loss orders are available to prevent risk.
Trade traditional markets, crypto, metals, and much more
Precious metal offerings range from gold to silver, copper, and more, while commodities vary from corn to soy and just about everything you could think of. Stock indices for the S&P 500, Nasdaq, and …
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