Businesses That Need to Accept Bitcoin Today

A number of businesses have adopted Bitcoin for payments, but then, there are still many more to go. These are companies that will readily accept Visa, Paypal, Payoneer, and other methods of payments but are yet to receive cryptocurrencies. Therefore, these are the businesses that need to accept Bitcoin today.

Bitcoin Can be Used to Pay for Goods and Services

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency based on its $70 billion market capitalization can be used to pay for goods and services. Microsoft accepts it for its Xbox subscription, Tinder for its dating app, Wikipedia as donations. The same can be said about Antalya Homes, for houses in Turkey, and a Health spa in Kenya.

While these are impressive developments given the declining rates of Bitcoin since 2018, its use cases have increased from merely being used as an instrument for making investments. Bitcoin has helped several businesses online and offline to receive payments with ease and cut the high transaction fees that are usually levied by banks.

That being the case, tech companies, e-commerce platforms, and several others need to be a part of the movement by adopting this asset class. When that happens, those who are ready to buy bitcoin now in order to make purchases can find a wide range of options in different countries.

Tech Companies to Show Advancements With Technology

Tech companies are already focused on the same industry as cryptocurrencies, thus, they need to be one of the early adopters of Bitcoin. This will give them an edge in the competition with other companies and also give people the impression that they are moving with the trends in technology.

E-commerce Platforms to Facilitate Easy and Swift Payments

E-commerce websites that offer goods and services can benefit greatly by accepting cryptocurrencies. For starters, they have customers all over the world and as such, need the fastest and most convenient method of payment. Just by providing their wallet address or QR code on their platform, they can start receiving these funds.

On the other hand, most are usually worried about the price volatility of the market, and as Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO has advised, they can resort to stablecoins. The latter is known to be less volatile than Bitcoin. Therefore, volatility is not a problem and neither is location given that these assets can serve as global payments platforms like Paypal.

Real Estate Companies to Attract Foreign Investors

Of recent, a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are willing to exchange their Bitcoin for homes. However, only a handful of companies and private individuals are willing to make the trade. Thus, receiving these payments can bring in more foreign investors who are looking for tourists attractions. An instance of this is a property which will be auctioned live. The best part is, Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash will be accepted.