Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bull Run Will Commence After Break Of Current Resistance – Crypto Analyst

The recent surge in the crypto market has made many enthusiasts believe that the bear market has ended. Also, the recent resistance that has seen the price of Bitcoin languish in the range of $5,000 made many enthusiasts to envisage another deep bear, probably the last before the bull run starts. However, a crypto analyst known as ScienceGuy9489 noted that the bull run would start after Bitcoin breaks the present resistance level.

Breaking $5,260 Level, Key To Next Bull Run

ScienceGuy9489, a cryptoanalyst, prominent in the crypto market after emerging from a long period of hibernation before the peak of the last bull run to share some chats that predict not only target prices, but break out dates for Bitcoin, Ethereum Ripple, and litecoin.

The Bullish predictions were almost immediately validated when Bitcoin price rose more than the previous two months of price growth combined. He has become a celebrity since then with his crypto price Charts and predictions of where the market will go next.

On April 9, he tweeted his latest prediction of the next move of the crypto market. Bitcoin breaking the resistance of $5,260 is key to the next rally according to him. This will equally affect other top Cryptocurrencies as noted.

The tweet states “#BTC breaking out above $5,260 will cause another bull run. #ETH, #LTC, #XRP, #XLM, and other #cryptocurrencies are being held back by this. Expect big gains there when this #Bitcoin resistance is broken (and sustained). This is the weekly chart, a good long term indicator.”

However, he gave a side note that “If it fails to surpass $5,260, it would not be a bad idea to sell until this level is broken.”

Meanwhile, ScienceGuy9489’s previous predictions came with strange specific breakout date. Though the dates have not been reached, all of the proposed breakouts of downtrend lines have occurred.

Bitcoin All-Time High Prediction

Also, ScienceGuy9489’s prediction came along with a new all-time high of cryptocurrencies prices in the next bull run. He predicted Bitcoin to reach $28,100, Ethereum to reach $2,090, Litecoin to $650 and ripple to skyrocket to $4. This came with no specific date this time around.

Meanwhile, billionaire and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Tim Draper maintained his prediction of Bitcoin reaching the worth of #250,000 by 2022 in a recent interview while slamming Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan. If the next bull run spans the next three years, Bitcoin could actualize the price of $250,000 by then. Also, John McAfee predicts Bitcoin to worth $1 million by 2020. Though it seems unrealistic, but anything is possible.

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