Sunday, June 16, 2019

BTCUSD Technical Analysis Update (06-05-19)

BTCUSD Holding here could fill out the double top.
The only thing that matters if looking for longs here is closing a 30m or 1h candle above the support that the little spike down just lost and then regained. 

Looking for a pop up to the support lost from our move down this week with extremely sensitive stops because the bigger time frame is what matters, and we’re in a daily distribution setup ( double top ) so we have to use our common sense and assume that momentum isn’t as bullish as it was a couple weeks ago. Ideally, we will see a pop and it will fill out our larger setup for a down move so we can hop back into a nice big short at the high. 

Warning: Trading against the trend is extremely high risk and usually is how people go broke. The trend is your friend 

BTCUSD Holding here could fill out the double top. by BTCNN on

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