BrewDog Brewery Accepts Cryptocurrencies In London

A brewery in London, specifically in Canary Wharf, has embraced cryptocurrencies and cashless technologies to make customers accustomed to the idea of a cashless society. The BrewDog brewery accepts cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for the beer and also for an assorted stock of spirits offered there. The brewery also announced special crypto related events and giveaways for the rest of the month.

The BrewDog Brewery History

BrewDog is a beer brewery based in Scotland that has won various awards in its life as a beer brewery. with more than 10 years in the business, they have endured changes and they know how to make a good beer.
The team of BrewDog knows how to crowdfund and sell stake; they have launched various internet-based stock sales, increasing the numbers of shareholders to 70k by the end of last year. As a part of the process of natural expansion, they opened its first BrewDog Bar in 2010 and now have over 40 bars scattered all over Europe.
While maintaining the tradition of a brewery, they have been known to advertise their products with special advertisements, and always be on the edge of new technologies and payment methods as cryptocurrencies.

BrewDog Brewery Accepts Cryptocurrencies

As part of their new initiative of “cashless” bars, the BrewDog Canary Wharf Brewery id not accepting cash of any kind and has started to accept cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, as a payment method for their products.
They also accept credit and debit cards to pay for their brews and spirits. This new concept of “trade bar” has adopted much of the style of stock trading, with one beer dropping or increasing its price according to the performance of the London Stock Exchange. They have been supporting cryptocurrency payments heavily.
To the first 100 customers that went to the brewery, they gave away cards with a random amount of bitcoin preloaded to be consumed in the same brewery, a fact that tells us that they are betting hard on the cryptocurrency side of payments.

Adoption, Adoption, Adoption

While most merchants that accept cryptocurrencies are doing it by using third-party payment providers, Brewdog is doing by themselves and keeping the cryptocurrency, a thing that talks seriously about the trust that the Brewdog Brewery has over the important growth and future that cryptocurrency has.
This is just their second bar that goes the “cashless route”. If the experiment goes well, expect more and more BrewDog Brewery bars to go the same route. Another important business that goes the cryptocurrency way in order to grow exponentially in the next years.

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