Brave CEO Tells Senate that U.S. Needs GDPR-Style Data Privacy Rules

The chief executive of cryptocurrency – funded web browser sent a letter to the Senate proposing legislative regulations comparable to the previously implemented the view of the European Union.
Writing the letter and addressing to the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Brave CEO Brendan Eich said that Congress should adopt rules similar to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a regulatory framework that governs how businesses must handle the data of EU citizens. Adopted in 2016 and implemented earlier this year, the GDPR should also enforce privacy rules and give EU consumers more control.
Calling the GDPR “a great leveler”, Eich said that “contrary to the assumption that increased regulation favors incumbents”, these policies will make it easier for startups to enter the marketplace since entrenched heavyweights will have a more difficult time collecting user data for one purpose and using it for another. Arguing that the character of GDPR is congruent with the United States understanding of privacy, he wrote: “As regulators broaden their enforcement of the new rules in Europe, the GDPR’s principle of purpose limitations will begin to prevent dominant platforms from using data that they have collected for one purpose at one end of their business to the benefit of other parts of their business in a way that currently disadvantages new entrants.
In general, platform giants will need to use consumers consent for each purpose for consumers data. This will create a breathing place for new entrants. The Javascript creator and Mozilla co-founder further contradicted the narrative that privacy-hostile advertising policies such as behavioral tracking and micro-targeting are necessary for online publishers, alleging that the increasing prevalence of ad-blockers demonstrates that this advertising model is fundamentally broken.
“contrary to some of our industry colleagues, I believe it is not credible for any platform, publisher, tech seller, or trade body to claim they must find people to make revenue,” he wrote.“Trust will only return as the GDPR-like laws begin to curtail the online advertising industry’s worst practices.”
Brave, which was cryptocurrency funded in 2017, plans to revolutionize the digital advertising model, in part through the use of the basic attention token ( BAT ) cryptocurrency. The browser blocks ads by default, and then allows users to choose to operate on non – tracking ads that are distributed on the browser – side. Publishers then receive part of this revenue that is far more than what they would get normally.
Notable for sending the letter to congress ‘s office, the last shot of Brave is the latest attack on tech conglomerate Google, who the firm is accusing of an anti-privacy related trade practices involving advertising. Last month, Brave’s complained against Google in Britain and Ireland, seeking to launch a European Union-wide investigation into the protection of information policies. If regulators identify GDPR violations, Google could be fined with a fine as large as 4 % of its global income.
At the same time, Brave dumped google as the default search engine for users in France and Germany to replace it with qwant .
Although symbolic, this particular move was perhaps designed to put Google on notice that, as browser and search engine, there may also be a day when his monopoly will be gone.
Although it is still little, brave has seen rapid growth in 2018, and now reports show that its browser has 4 million users .the browser also received a favorable review of Popular Science, listed as an attractive alternative to chrome and safari.
Brave’s ascent has been aided by a recent update to Google Chrome, which security experts have said is anathematic to user privacy in that it now forces users to sign into their browsers when they log into a Google service such as Gmail or Docs.

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