Brave Browser Teases Social Network In-App Tipping

Brave Browser, the ad-blocking cryptocurrency based web browser, has announced that they intend to have Reddit and Twitter tipping functionality from inside the same browser. This would complement the business model of them and could open new possibilities for users to support their favorite personalities online, and will open new, easier ways for content creators to get support.

Brave Browser Business Model

Brave Browser is a peculiar browser that blocks every ad for default and lets users decide which ads to see and which ads to block. Sometimes, the user can be paid by publishers to see ads directly with BAT (Brave Attention Token), the token of the platform.
In the same way, users can choose websites that they choose to be rewarded with BAT every time that they visit that same site, or in a periodical way chosen by the user. In this way the site can profit from the user preference and also the user can avoid being served with annoying ads.
This seems to be a win-win model for everyone in the publishing chain. Users are benefited by not having to see ads and by being rewarded by publishers for seeing certain adds, and websites can be rewarded by supporting users.

In-Browser Tipping Proposed

But the business model of Brave Browser seems to go way beyond just that, and more features are being proposed into the development cycle of this quirky browser. In their Github, the platform where developers present new ideas to add to the software, there is a requirement for a “Reward Tip Floating Dialog”.
In the page we can see a mockup of what the developers intend to do to allow tipping on social networks; they use Twitter as an example to show the functionality. In the easiest way possible, a pop-up dialog overlaps the Twitter UI when the user likes a tweet. In this window, the browser asks the user if he wants to tip the creator of the tweet with a determined amount of BAT.
Twitter is used as a mockup example, but the idea is that this type of tipping will be available for all popular social and content creation networks like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook among others.

It’s A Brave New World

This new functionality proposed by the Brave Browser has the potential of revolutionizing the web funding business by making obsolete some services. One of them is the known funding site Patreon, that acts an intermediary between supporters and content creators, taking a cut of all the donations made to the latter.
More so, Patreon has made some changes lately that left content creators unhappy and finding new alternatives to this platform. Brave Browser could easily fill that hole providing a free, noncensurable direct link between creators and their supporters.

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