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Bluzelle to Partner with Cere Network on Providing Decentralized Databases to Cere’s Ecosystem

Cere Network, The Decentralized Data and Finance Cloud, is focusing on delivering the best experience for enterprise customer data integrations and collaborations over the blockchain. Today, we’re excited to announce that Bluzelle is partnering with Cere Network by joining forces to further optimize Cere’s Enterprise Application Ecosystem.
Bluzelle’s technology is based on advanced blockchain technology, distributing data across the network to eliminate cyber attacks, guarantee privacy, and scale on demand. Bluzelle combines blockchain swarms to create a decentralized network of on-demand databases.
Bluzelle has boundless scaling abilities and Bluzelle’s algorithm stores data in a unique network model that doesn’t depend on data centers and is able to scale database services in an instant. This makes Bluzelle a perfect fit for Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud operations.

This strategic partnership increases Cere’s data agility, scalability, and security, and enables enterprises to make use of the Cere Ecosystem Application Ecosystem in its most optimized way. Bluzelle will significantly improve on Cere’s current data storage system, upgrading it in the future from the relatively bulky IPFS / Filecoin.
As part of this partnership, Bluzelle will join the SaaS-DeFi Alliance, which is set to establish a universal protocol standard for the Enterprise DeFi space and improve communications between the enterprises and the DeFi ecosystem. Other members of the SaaS-DeFi alliance include Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, Chainlink, Matic, Reef, and from now enhanced by Bluzelle.
About Bluzelle
Bluzelle aims to be the go-to data layer for Web 3.0 …
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