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BlockFi users targeted in ‘racist and vulgar’ email attack

Roughly 500 people were in for a random surprise on Mar. 8, receiving a profanity-laced correspondence from BlockFi after their email addresses were used to sign up for fake accounts.
This week’s temporary closure of registrations for crypto lending and borrowing app BlockFi was due to an attack by a “malicious actor” according to Forbes.According to employees of the company, a single attacker began the registration process for more 1,000 fake accounts on Mar. 7, using email addresses belonging to real users. The attacker entered “vulgar and racist” terms as the first and last names for the fake accounts which resulted in about 500 emails containing offensive language being sent out automatically before BlockFi caught on to the problem and halted registrations altogether.I received an email from @BlockFi this weekend asking me to confirm my account (which I never signed up for in the first place). When I opened the email, it began with: “Hi **n-word**,” except of course this most violent racial slur was spelled out fully (1/*)— Sara Sheridan (@SaraSheridan14) March 8, 2021
“I am the farthest thing from a crypto investor,” tweeted Philadelphia-based journalist Sara Sheridan in all caps on Mar. 8. “I never even heard of BlockFi before receiving an email addressing me as a racial slur.”Zac Prince, the CEO of BlockFi, initially described the attack as a “technical issue with the new account signup workflow” before unveiling the full scope of what had happened in today’s Forbes article.1/ We are temporarily pausing new signups for @BlockFi. Existing clients continue to …
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