Blockchain To Become An Effective Tool For Space Exploration

Space is a topic that is somewhat fragile, due to its complexities. Governments all over the world have spent quite a sum on the exploration of the space. It was celebrated all over the world, when both Yuri Gangarin of Russia and Neil Armstrong of the United States, explore the space to see what is right on top of us.
However, with the adoption of Blockchain technology in virtually all aspect of life, significant players in the aeronautics industry are exploiting the technology in exploring the space.
The report has indicated that the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) are looking at ways of inculcating blockchain technology into their space mission, which will be important both on the ground and on the space.


In 2007, Spacecraft, an autonomous blockchain based system was supported by NASA, with a $330,000 grant, which signals the agency’s first drive towards the adoption of blockchain technology. Called the Resilient Network and Computing Paradigm, the system relies basically on blockchain and needs no human intervention, said a don on Electrical and Computer Engineering, at the University of Akron, Jin Wei Kocsis.
Kocsis explained that the RNCP would examine the application of Ethereum based blockchain smart contracts in developing, a secure computing system that would be useful in combating any space challenges or difficulties.
In plain terms, the system will exploit smart contracts to build a spaceship that will detect and dodge any hindrance that may affect it in space. The system, according to Kocsis will be more reliable, provide more data and give the scientists enough room for information analysis to discover any environmental hazards that the earth may be facing in the future.


The European Space Agency, just like its American counterparts, are also deeply looking towards the direction of blockchain technology. Though the European Agency is looking to adopt the technology in its administrative processes, the report reveals that it is not looking to launch it, into space like the Americans.
In 2017, the agency released a paper titled, “distributive ledger technology, leveraging blockchain for ESA success.” The space agency specifically looked at the merit and demerit of the blockchain technology and focused basically on how it can be beneficial to the space agency, especially in the area of logistics, swift payment and of course, the transparency it affords its users.
The agency stated that it needs to be open-minded, be proactive and look towards the trend so that they won’t be outdated and left behind.

Proliferation Of The Space

Before now, the activities of the space is the sole responsibility of the government. But since the dawn of a new era that witnessed more startup trying to break the hegemony of the government and its agencies. Coupled with the arrival of low-cost satellites, blockchain can be launched into space, cutting off with infrastructure that cannot be fully decentralized.
Here are some startups, who are also into the blockchain based space business:

Space Decentral

Space Decentral is a Singapore based Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. The firm is looking to capitalize on the momentum created by the availability of instrument that can launch blockchain into space to break the major duopoly of Russia and the United States in the space business. It is believed that private firms too now have an opportunity to explore the space if they have the means.
Though, their intention is currently grey, as it’s not clear like state-owned agencies. However, it has pledged to encourage thousands of participants into its programme, not only as a financial contributor but to share knowledge with the firm, which will be useful in their quest, unlike state-owned agencies.

Space Chain

This platform is not particular about exploration, but using the existing infrastructure to improve blockchain experience. Although, outer space is also involved in this case.
Space Chain is building the first open source satellite network, which runs on blockchain nodes. Generally, Space Chain will be collaborating with giants in the cryptocurrency world to boost its activities.
Their open source platform will aid other developers to develop similar programmes that will aim to decentralize the space exploration.
Other startups are also trying too free up and decentralize the exploration, like BLOCKSTREAM and NEXUS, among others.

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