Sunday, July 12, 2020

Blockchain-Powered Voting To Be Implemented In Denver

Voting on elections will soon change on Denver as the state plans to implement mobile voting through the use of blockchain technology.

Vote Through Blockchain Technology

According to the press release from Tusk Philanthropies– company partner of the city of Denver along with Denver County and National Cybersecurity Center, the state would be introducing a new method of election voting through the use of blockchain technology.

Eligible Voters

With its blockchain voting provider Voatz, selected citizens from the state can now vote in the May elections using their mobile phones. These people were mainly active-duty military men, eligible dependents and overseas voters registered in the Denver county.

New System Overruled The Old System

As explained by Voatz, the difficulty of voting for people overseas and military men will be made easier since the process of verification of their ballot votes will be sent instantly compared to the traditional method through the mail, email or fax– which tend to have their profile on it contrary to anonymous voting.

How Can I Vote?

To use this method, the voter must send an absentee ballot request that shows that the usage of blockchain-powered mobile voting is what they preferred on voting.

Once this is done and the request is approved, the voter can now download the app and finish the three-step biometrics verification process. After these, the app will verify whether the voter is eligible to use this method and once approved, the participant will receive the ballot and may start the voting schedule on March 23 up until May 7.

Since this technology would be powered using blockchain technology, Voatz concluded that this method might help the national voting problems with its ‘additional security, transparency, and audibility in the system.’

“With turnout this low in national elections, of course we’re stuck with rampant polarization and dysfunction. That only changes if turnout soars. That only happens if we move into the 21st century and let people use the tool already in their pockets: their phone. Blockchain makes it secure and feasible. And the Denver Elections Division deserves a tremendous amount of credit for being one of the first to implement an innovative and convenient solution to fix the underlying issues in our government,” stated Bradley Tusk, founder and CEO of Tusk Philanthropies.

Tried And Tested

In 2016, aside from Denver, another US state which is West Virginia, implemented this method of election voting. According to their tally, 144 election voters that came from 31 different countries were submitted in the said election.

With this, the confidence of voters in the process of election voting may undoubtedly increase over time since it will be led by blockchain tech.

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