You Could Be Studying Blockchain At The New York University Soon

Last Updated: September 20, 2018 at 2:14 PM EST

The New York University set to start offering students Major in blockchain technology. This is to further the growth of interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology studies.

Blockchain Technology Studies At The New York University

New reports show the plan of the University to offer Major in the blockchain technology makes it the first institution in the United States of America to take this giant step. The NYU Stern School of Business will aid the new program.

Professor Andrew Hinkes, while talking on the new program stated that the program envisages establishing a groundwork so that the students will understand what is happening around these technologies. Hinke’s further states that this will enable them to know what is legal and the business implication and also prepare them and tackle the new market.

Notably, the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry has seen extensive growth over a decade of its emergence. However, the industry is still mostly referred to as a nascent industry, with many prospects yet to be exploited in the industry.

Associate professor, Kathleen Derose of the School of Business noted that the establishment expects partnership from large companies to aid the goal of the new program.

Mustafa Khan, one of the new students who enrolled in the program, stated that the present day environment is essential to understand how the new technologies work and operate within the legal system.

The Growth Of Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Studies

The nascent industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continues to attract all and sundry because of the inherent potential of these technologies. Apart from the affluence it offers, continuous adoption of the tech and currency worldwide has created a vast market for employment.

This equally increases the interest of students in studying courses related to it, and tertiary institutions creating room for it by introducing related courses, to provide the best hands for the industry.

NYU Finance Department Chair, David Yermack noted that the prospect of the industry had made many alumni return for a course related to blockchain and cryptocurrency to stay relevant in the world.

Notably, Coinbase revealed in a study last month that 42 percent of the world’s top 50 Universities have at least one class on cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech. Also, students studying courses unrelated to computer science and programming have been showing more interest in the industry.