Thursday, April 25, 2019

University in Ohio to Launch a Blockchain Hub

Barbara Snyder, president of Case Western Reserve University (CRWU) announced in the inaugural Blockland Solutions conference that the school will be launching a Blockchain hub. This is to encourage the use of Blockchain technology in Ohio and the development of Blockchain-based applications.

Government and Organizations to Support State’s Blockchain Hub

The proposed center has been tagged, “Cleveland Blockchain and Digital Futures Hub”. So far, three meetings have been held regarding the project, but funds are yet to be made towards the establishment of a physical building. There are expectations that it will be publicly funded and supported by institutions, government, and technology accelerators.

In November this year, Josh Mandel, State Treasurer of Ohio revealed that the government has plans to turn Ohio into a technology hub. This is when the state began accepting Bitcoin for tax payment. According to Josh, accepting the cryptocurrency is meant to give people the impression that Ohio is a tech-friendly city.

Fostering the Growth of Blockchain Technology in Ohio

Therefore, this new project is in line with Josh Mandel’s comments. It will foster the growth of cutting-edge technologies and encourage citizens who may have an interest in becoming professional operators. Also worthy of note, is that this hub will handle modern technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). A media outlet has also revealed that virtual reality will be a part.

Harlan Sands, President of Colorado State University (CSU) said most Blockchain initiatives were between a School and an investor. On the other hand, Cleaveland will be collaborating with several organizations to achieve its goal. She outlined that collaborators will include the “community college, public research institute institution and the regions only AAU (Association of American Universities) research institution.”

Promoting Blockchain Technology in the Schools

To backup Harlan’s statement, a Private Bank collaborated with the University of Liechtenstein to offer a Blockchain course. This is an agreement between a company and a school and differs from what the CRWU has planned. Nevertheless, the later agreement will see to the funding of Blockchain projects in the school for five years.

In comparison with Ohio University’s efforts, a non-governmental organization in India is trying to encourage citizens of Andhra Pradesh to use the distributed ledger technology. This is an organization that has formed an alliance with ministers of the state to achieve its purpose. According to them, they are striving to bring about an innovation in the state.

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