Thursday, May 23, 2019

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TronBet Rakes More than $40 Million in Volume in 7 Days

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In the midst of failing decentralized applications, TronBet is proving to be one of the more successful, if not the most successful use case of blockchain in gaming and mainstream entertainment.

Cats are not the Only Cute Things on the Internet

Many decentralized apps that have been created and launched on different popular blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, ConsenSys, and EOS have failed woefully with many trailing the bottom of user activity and boasting less than two daily users. The most successful one till date appears to be our cats-loving game, CryptoKitties. One of the earliest implementation of blockchain technology for recreational and leisure purposes, the game became so popular that the Ethereum community began to complain that the game was taking up useful space on Ethereum’s blockchain and pending more important transactions.

However, TRON’s success with the simplest and oldest form of recreational gaming has gone quite unnoticed and has not received the same attention that has been accorded to the Ethereum art game, perhaps because the word ‘gambling’ is not a welcome word in most circles, unlike beautiful, unique kittens.

TronBet Shattering Daily Expectations

A Twitter user and crypto enthusiast, Vance has been one of the few people to notice the recent success of TRON’s gambling platform. Within the past seven days alone, TronBet has experienced more than $40 million in total volume, and the crypto media is not buzzing about it. Vance, however, has expressed his surprised and call the attention of the crypto community to the building success of TRON’s gambling platform. He tweeted:

“1/ @TRONbet is fascinating: a tokenized gambling platform on TRON with real usage. $41M in betting volume in the past 7 days, top user has wagered $98M, top 20 users have wagered $455M. Yearly, @TRONbet, a Dapp, is on track to make almost $36M profit with a P/E of 1. Why?”

Why TronBet is Commanding Traffic with Profits

Vance explains that the recent success of TRON is not coincidental and is built on a number of contributing factors such as its easy and user-friendly interface, and its tokenization of the platform. According to him, TRON’s seamless user experience has a lot to do with the success of its gambling platform.

“They’ve got a suite of games that are fun to play, fast, with player liquidity, and no fees,” he said. “Hard to believe its built on a blockchain. With a native token (ANTE), while still dicey, they have no payment processor risk. Team is [obviously] anonymous.”

Tokenization of the platform also has a role to play, with the most frequent user betting $98 million, and the total scale of bets of the top 20 users exceeding the $455 million mark. According to Vance, TronBet has been hugely successful and might just continue to get better with the intelligent factors they have to put in place.

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