Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Sony and Fujitsu Partners To Utilize Blockchain Technology To Make Educational Data ‘ Unfalsifiable’

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Two giant Japanese tech firms, Sony and Fujitsu, have partnered on a new blockchain solution to provide unfalsifiable educational records.

Blockchain Tech For the Management of Course Records and Exam Grades

According to an announcement made by Sony recently, it noted that Sony Global Education, Fujitsu Ltd., and the Fujitsu Research Institute had launched a field trial to evaluate the utility of blockchain technology in the management of course records and exam grades. The partnership involves Human Academy, an educational institution that serves international students.

The trial will see international students that intend to study in Japan take a course preparing them for the Nihongo Kentei language proficiency test. The students will utilize Fujitsu’s Fisdom*2 digital learning platform as part of the course, with data including study logs and test grades being immutably stored and managed on a blockchain. Sony will provide the data to students as an unfalsifiable digital certificate as noted.

Notably, the blockchain solution will be of help to the growing numbers of foreign workers and students that come to Japan and must provide the results of Japanese classes and exams taken before arriving in the country before they start studying or working.

The solution will make easier the difficulty faced in confirming the academic results of international students. Sony stated that in terms of language ability, there had been issues on the appropriate instructions suited to a person’s ability that is not always provided after foreign students arrive in Japan. This affects the institutions in providing job search support.

Also, Sony stated that the educational data provided over the blockchain platform as proposed would be beneficial for educational institutions. This would help in giving a more reliable idea of a prospective student’s ability to speak Japanese as well as the verification of the course taken.

Blockchain Tech’s Growth and Development

Blockchain technology has seen wide growth and adoption in recent time after a decade of its existence. It has seen an application in many facets of human society with more use case under development. This has made the tech to be dubbed the future of the tech world.

As reported recently, Dogecoin’s creator, Jackson Palmer berates the blockchain technology as lagging in adoption while comparing it with the internet. Also, he stated that Bitcoin has no use case outside illegal use.

However, his opinion is proven wrong with the summation of a DEA report last year that cryptocurrency usage has seen a surge in legal activities. It was noted that crypto use for speculative investment, store of value and payment, have taken center stage of the industry.

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