Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Private Institution Launches Platform to Encourage Blockchain Talent in Indian Women

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Kerala Blockchain Academy, a private institution in India has launched Blockchain Women Connect. This is a peer group for young women that seeks to discover their talent and encourage them to take up Blockchain-related jobs. Women can be said, to make up only five per cent of the workforce in the Blockchain industry.

Women are Unwilling to Apply for Blockchain-related Jobs

During a summit in the country which ended this weekend, it was outlined that women are shy in revealing their talent. They are less willing to take up jobs that had to do with modern technologies. According to panellists in the meeting, women have to do away with the gender tag when it comes to their profession and do what makes them happy.

Jennifer Greyson, Founder, and CEO of Neureal, noted that women in the US were also reluctant to apply for technology-related jobs. She said her firm has been making efforts to ensure women are also contributors to their projects, but this has been difficult to achieve. This is because women tend to shy away from jobs of this nature.

Peer Group With Mentors and Role Models to Encourage Women

Parvathy. P.B, a Blockchain developer is of the opinion that if there is a peer group with mentors and role models to guide these young ladies, then they can flourish. The group will be focused on Blockchain technology to positively impact their lives. This will build their confidence from a young age which will, in turn, help them to promote their talent.

It was also revealed in the Summit that by 2025, machines would’ve replaced most of the manual processes in organizations. With technologies now doing the work of humans, half of the workforce will need to look for another skill. For this reason, it is necessary to inculcate an innovative mindset in women.

Women and Children Encouraged to Adopt Blockchain Technology

Earlier in our report, we revealed that Kaede Takenaka, a 10-year-old girl is working with a group of NEM developers to create a Blockchain-based platform for kids. This is a platform that will inspire kids to use modern technologies. They can earn tokens based on their achievements such as assignment completion or an improvement in grades.

This means that organizations are not only focusing on encouraging the adoption of Blockchain technology in the world but have also made it a priority to make children and women apart. This is an industry where over half of the innovators and investors are men, and development of this nature may give other countries an insight to also support women.

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