Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Mark Zuckerberg Considers Using Blockchain for Data Authorization

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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO in an interview with Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard Law professor on February 20, outlined the positive impacts the decentralized nature of blockchain can have on user data. He also revealed that he is considering the use of blockchain to give people more control over their data.

Adopting Technology for its Less Centralized Nature

According to Facebook’s CEO, one of the reasons why people in his generation adopted technology is because it gives power. He added that technology is not highly centralized which can also be said about blockchain. Therefore, consideration is being given to the use of the distributed ledger technology to give people more control over their data.

The CEO also said:

Basically, you take your information, you store it on some decentralized system and you have the choice to log into places without going through an intermediary.

While the CEO believes in the potentials of blockchain and how decentralized systems have been highly recommended, he noted that a problem could still arise in the future. In his opinion, the ability of people to gain more control over their data could lead to the problem of abuse.

Plans to Merge Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

On January 25, the New York Times revealed that Facebook has plans to merge Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. There are expectations that the interlinking will enable end-to-end encryption which will prevent a third party from spying into a conversation between people on either platform. It will also allow a user on Facebook to message someone on Whatsapp conveniently, the report also outlined.

In line with that, Facebook believes that encrypting messages will bring about an enhanced level of privacy as well as security. According to Zuckerberg:

People rightfully have an expectation of us [Facebook], that we are going to do everything we can to stop terrorists from recruiting people or people from exploiting children.

Facebook Shows More Interest in the Area of Blockchain

The social media company has been showing more interest in the area of the blockchain. This can be attested to the first that they purchased their first blockchain company earlier this month. The acquisition is also rumoured to be a step towards launching a blockchain-based product by the company.

In the same vein, the number of positions listed for blockchain experts on Facebook Job’s page as increased. There are currently positions such as Brand Strategy and Insights Manager, Product Designer, Quantitative UX Researcher, and Mixed Methods UX Researcher. It is also worthy to note that each of this is targeted at the blockchain community.

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