Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Glassdoor Research Finds Growing Demand Of Blockchain Jobs

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A Glassdoor Research about cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs has found growing demand for blockchain jobs. The report has also found out that these jobs are here to stay. Employers are also high-level industries and cryptocurrency startups mostly. Salaries for this jobs are quite high compared with the national average. Job openings are plenty, and qualified labor is quite scarce.

Glassdoor Research Explained

Blockchain jobsWith the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as useful technologies, we need statistics about them. In the workspace, it is important to determine the need for blockchain experts. That is why Glassdoor undertook this research, to give clear data about the state of cryptocurrency and blockchain job openings.

Glassdoor, as the main job recruiting site online, took his data compiling it for this report. They explain the methodology they took:

“we performed a text search of Glassdoor’s real-time job openings database for any job posting containing keywords related to blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency… excluded any jobs from third-party staffing and recruiting firms”

Then, using a software salaries tool, they estimated the median pay for every cryptocurrency job out there. From this whole data, they compiled and released the research. Called “The Rise of Bitcoin & Blockchain: A Growing Demand for Talent”, it describes the labor market for blockchain related jobs.

Blockchain Jobs Facts

Blockchain jobsThere is a growing demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain based jobs. The research findings show that the blockchain job sector has grown more than 300% since last year in USA. This is a shocking fact, due to cryptocurrency prices having dropped more than 50% this year. This goes to show that the job demands have surpassed cryptocurrency price growth.

Also, the pay for this kind of jobs is significantly greater than the median for pay in USA. the report states that:

“The median salary for blockchain-related job openings is $84,884 per year. This is $32,423 or 61.8 percent over the US median salary of $52,461,”

a thing that makes most cryptocurrency or blockchain related jobs interesting. So, there are more cryptocurrency related jobs, and their pay is vastly better when compared to the median wage.

Most blockchain wors are technical, meaning that blockchain software engineers are likely to find jobs quickly. Almost 20% of the job openings are for software engineers. despite this, management openings are also available, just not in the same proportion.

Most of these jobs openings are in high-density tech hubs like New York and San Francisco, and technology giants as IBM and Consensys are the ones behind them. Blockchain Jobs demand will keep increasing the next year when more companies will hop onto the crypto and blockchain bandwagon.

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