Thursday, April 25, 2019

Facebook Begins Hiring Blockchain Experts to Launch a Product

There has been a lot of controversy around Facebook’s stance when it comes to Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency. Crypto enthusiasts have been spreading rumors that the Canadian-based company will soon adopt Blockchain technology. It seems this is about to become a reality given that the social media is now publicizing job openings for Blockchain experts.

Five Blockchain Positions Can be Applied For

Five positions can be applied for, and these are Blockchain Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist(s), and Product Marketing Lead. The job opportunities are accessible on Facebook’s career page where the requirements for each have been outlined.

While these are only job opportunities, a lot can be deduced from the details of each position. The product marketing lead, for instance, has a description that states that qualified personnel is needed to promote a product. One of the responsibilities of this person is to “Partner with product management and engineering to define the strategy and product roadmap.”

Facebook May be Launching a Blockchain-based Product Soon

From the statement above, assumptions can be made that Facebook is about to launch a Blockchain-based product although no one is certain about what it’ll be. Will it be a cryptocurrency? Or a Blockchain platform that is used to improve its services and aid in security, traceability, and transparency?

This development from Facebook goes contrary to the stringent advertising policies that the company has set up for Blockchain-related products especially cryptocurrency. Last year, the adverts of ICOs were trending on the platform, but months later, this was not the case. This is because Facebook has stopped users from running crypto-related ads.

Uncertainties to What Facebook is Hoping to Achieve

The new positions may be something not to pay too much attention to because Facebook has been hiring people for Blockchain positions before this time. The company is yet to make an official statement of what it has planned. Therefore, crypto enthusiasts are relying on the bits of news they can lay hold of.

But then, a Blockchain product from this company will do a lot of good to the crypto community. This can be attributed to the large user base on Facebook which will, in turn, help to foster the adoption and growth of modern technologies. The best part is, millions of people in countries all over the world will be able to gain access to the potential product.

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