Thursday, April 25, 2019

European Retail Company to Use Blockchain Technology in Tracking Food Items

Auchan, a European retail company has distributed a food tracking system to five countries around the world. These countries are Spain, France, Italy, Senegal and Portugal. The new system is based on Blockchain technology and it helps in the traceability and accountability of food items from the farm to the store. This makes it easy for a consumer to determine if they are suitable for consumption.

Blockchain-based Platform to Track the Food chain

Te-Food, a Blockchain solution company is the developer of the platform. It will track the supply chain of common food items such as carrots, potatoes, chicken, and tomatoes. Each of these products will have a QR code which can be scanned using a smartphone. On completion, access will be granted to their information thereby enabling consumers and suppliers to determine their sources.

It is also worthy to note that certain products that have been labeled as bio can be verified to ascertain if they were cultivated from an organic farm. Therefore, this is a feature that will be most appreciated by consumers who want their food to be as natural as possible in order to wade off negative side effects.

Blockchain Technology Aiding in the Accountability of Food Items

Other than Blockchain’s aid in food traceability, it also makes it easy to account for every food item. A group of experts conducted a research in September this year and reported that about 75 percent of consumers are willing to switch to a food brand if it could provide them with a more detailed information.

This was attributed to the fact that these consumers require transparency hence, it can affect their choices while shopping. This is because a brand that provides more than the ingredient of a product will foster trust among consumers. What other way to achieve this than to employ Blockchain Technology.

The Consumer’s Health is a Priority

Lately, more priority has been placed on the health of consumers by ensuring that the products in Grocery stores are fit for consumption. The recent food contamination in 12 US States led the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to adopt Blockchain technology in tracing and recalling food items. The agency revealed that the sources of contaminated food can easily be traced and as such, recalls can be made on time.

Also, the Swiss food manufacturer is employing Blockchain technology to trace the supply chain of canned fishes. These are products that will have a QR code on their label which can be scanned to access information about these fishes. Besides, users can find data such as when the fishes were caught and where.

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