Blockchain Jobs Rated Among the Top 10 Fastest Growing Online Jobs

According to Crypterium, a media platform on January 29, online jobs have been on the rise in 2018 and the same might be the case in the current year. However, not all remote jobs are in trend, and as such, one has to narrow down to fields that are high in demand. Therefore, writers, API, and Blockchain are the top three fastest growing online jobs in 2018.

Office Jobs are No Longer Being Hyped

Per the media’s report, nine to five jobs are no longer the hot cake due to the emergence of online jobs which give a person the freedom to work whenever they want. It is also noted that based on the online labour market data provided by, about 2 million jobs that have been listed online; towards the end of 2018.

Nonetheless, not all areas are quite rosy, but there are some whose demand is on the rise. These are Writers, API, Blockchain, Academic Writing, and 2D animation. In the case of Blockchain, the media stated that the niche is competing with that of artificial intelligence. Therefore, one can only hope but never wait to see which one comes in the top by the end of the year.

Online Jobs Gives People the Freedom

Furthermore, the outlet attributed the sudden hype in online jobs to the freedom it gives people. It also allows a person to do the same job from any part of the world, irrespective of the time. Therefore, while a user gets the freedom to work just when they feel like, they also get the convenience.

However, the disadvantages of working online have been noted, some of which include the lazy feeling that may overwhelm a worker especially when they are not disciplined. This is because they are working on their schedule and without the supervision of higher authority as is the case of an office job.

Non-Standard Pay Makes Some People Reluctant to Switch Jobs

Another downside which has made some people reluctant to move from their office jobs is the non-standard pay. Here, how much you earn can be likened to how much effort you’ve put into the job. Moreso, some employers do not guarantee insurance or health coverage, the report noted.

These aside, BTCNN on December 14 also reported of LinkedIn’s report which revealed that Blockchain developer is among the most hired jobs in 2018. A report on November 8 also confirmed that this was the case given that Glassdoor’s research revealed that the demand for skilled labour in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain niche is high.

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