Blockchain Developer Becomes The Most Hired Job On LinkedIn

LinkedIn published an Emerging Jobs Report recently which shows that the most hired job in 2018, is Blockchain developer. Specifically, companies are looking for Blockchain developers and those with related skills in the U.S. The report reveals that there is an increasing trend from previous years, and Blockchain positions are in high demand.

Searches for Blockchain Developer Increases 33 Times

As at the last quarter of 2018, the searches for a Blockchain developer has grown 33 times from what was obtainable in 2014. LinkedIn’s report in 2016, 2017, and mid-2018 showed that there were 645, 1,800, and 4,500 vacancies respectively, for this position. Given the number of ICOs and Blockchain projects that have been launched of recent, this significant increase does not come as a surprise.
The skills that are being hired for this position are mostly Solidity, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and Node.js. Most of the experts who were hired are working at either IBM, ConsenSys, or Chainyard. Also, their location is an advantage since the report shows that developers in US cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Atlanta are in high demand.

Jobs Related to Artificial Intelligence Are on the Increase

Other hired jobs on LinkedIn which are on the rise, are in the areas of Artificial Intelligence. These are Machine Learning Engineer, Data Science Specialist, and Machine Learning Specialists. Others are Professional Medical Representative, Relationship Consultant, and Sales Development Representative.
The jobs were judged based on the positions companies are looking for as well as the roles and skills related to such positions. Next, a LinkedIn economic graph was plotted to show a graphical representation of the trends. LinkedIn has revealed that the purpose of the report, is to enable individuals to make informed decisions on their career.

Facebook is Also Hiring Blockchain Experts

Facebook recently listed five positions for Blockchain experts. These are Data Scientist(s), Data Engineer, Blockchain Software Engineer, and Product Marketing Lead. There are speculations that the company is about to launch a Blockchain-based product. This is because one of the responsibilities of the Product Marketing Lead is to collaborate with other members to develop a product.
This and many more shows that in future, more industries will be adopting the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). This can also be said about the public sector given that the South Australian government, is currently running a Blockchain Challenge. They are looking for innovators who can develop projects that will impact significantly on the lives of South Australians.

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