Blockchain Company Partners With Walt Disney to Bring Cartoon Characters to Game

PlayGame, a Blockchain gaming company has partnered with Walt Disney, an Animation company to release new games. Their one-year collaboration will allow PlayGame to launch games which feature some of the characters in Walt Disney’s cartoons. These characters will include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Olaf from the Movie, Frozen.

New Games to Be Launched On Blockchain Platform This December

Two of the new games have been revealed, and they are titled “Mickey’s Delivery Dash” and “Olaf’s Freeze Fall.” There are plans to that they will be released in December this year. Now, considering the fact that PlayGame runs all its games on a platform that is based on Blockchain, it can be expected that the same will be the case for these games.
Based on reports, these are games that are not limited to people within a particular age bracket, and as such, everyone can play it. The objective of Mickey’s Delivery Dash is to allow players to help Mickey in the delivery of croissants to a cafe owned by Minnie. Olaf’s Freeze Fall, on the other hand, will allow players to assist the character in locating some of his body parts. This will include his arms, nose, and buttons.

Games to be Released for Six Southeast Asian Countries

People living in Southeast Asia are the major users of PlayGame’s gaming platform. They can play these games from their computer or mobile web browser. This will still be the case given that six countries in the region will be the first to get the games. These countries are Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
Both collaborators of the pending games have made comments. Anton Soeharyo, CEO of PlayGame said he is a fan of Disney and having the company’s characters on its decentralized platform will encourage innovation. Je Alipio, a reputable member of Walt Disney, stated that their alliance with PlayGame offers them more opportunities to reach out to Southeast Asians who are fans of these characters.

Gaming Industry Adopts Blockchain Technology

It is exciting news for the community for a company in the Blockchain industry to be collaborating with a reputable American film company. Recently, there has been the release of several games that are based on the distributed ledger technology (DLT). An example is Plague Hunter, the first Blockchain-based game which will be launched on the Play Station 4.

This month, Titan Flight Studios, a gaming company also announced its launch of a video game, ReBounce. The game is also based on the DLT, and it will be launched on the Apple Store. The game manufacturers had revealed that the purpose of the game, is to bridge the gap between Blockchain and gaming.