Blockchain-based Search Engine to be Launched in 2019

The California-based search engine giant, Google has been able to return results that are similar to the queries made by millions of users daily. Now, Aarzoo search engine seeks to do a better job. Vinod Sujan, CEO of Aarzoo has revealed that this is a Blockchain-based engine that will scan web pages in real time.

Reducing Google’s Monopoly in Worldwide Searches

Aarzoo aims to reduce the sole control Google has when it comes to the percentage of searches made on its platform when compared with other engines like Bing and Yahoo. One way this will be made possible, is by eliminating sponsored or promoted content in Aarzoo’s result pages.
Usually, websites and organizations who want Google to specifically send visitors to their websites have to make payment. This can also help to generate leads that may result in a service or product being bought. These sites do not have to meet certain ranking factors that Google bots use to determine which website gets on its first page.

Aarzoo Search to Prioritize Websites Over Paid Searches

Websites on Aarzoo search will be given more priority since there will be no paid content to contend with them. Searches will also be carried out in real time and the results returned will not be filtered. In the CEO’s words, the user will get results that are unfiltered and without bias.
The developer is also of the opinion that “Google is behind the curve on Blockchain technology”. Thus, it may take a few years for them to meet up with the current trends. On the other hand, if the US company intends to improve its search engine by employing Blockchain, they may end up causing problems for the platform.

A Faster, More Efficient, and Reliable Search Engine

According to Sujan, this engine’s technology will provide a search platform that is easily accessible, faster, and more efficient. It will be able to withstand the high level of user demand it may undergo. The development of Aarzoo search began in 2013. Currently, there are hopes that it will be fully launched on 15 August 2019. is another platform that uses a search engine based on Blockchain Technology. The difference between both is that the latter, is a freelance market and as such, its engine can only be used within the confines of the market. Nevertheless, it still helps to return results of service providers on its platform.