Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash Animosity Continues After Dropped Lawsuit

There is clearly a rift in the cryptocurrency community happening right now as we speak. This past week, the news of a probable lawsuit due to an allegedly misleading scheme that purposedly named bitcoin cash as “Bitcoin” and the real Bitcoin as “Bitcoin Core” in the block explorer webpage. This domain is clearly a pro-bitcoin cash domain because it is owned and managed by none other than Roger Ver, an investor that is a clear promoter of bitcoin cash. But the lawsuit was ultimately dropped because the promoters could not raise the money needed to carry on. But this is only just a bump in a long road of differences between the forked siblings.
Lawsuits aside, proponents of the two cryptocurrencies have fought for the original bitcoin name since the fork that gave bitcoin cash birth occurred. Bitcoin supporters have claimed that they are the original because Bitcoin Cash fork sprung from its codebase. but Bitcoin cash supporters say that they are the ones following Nakamotos legacy, the bitcoin anonymous creator. The truth is that this fight has intensified lately and by the look of it, won’t be over any time soon.
From a technical standpoint, the only analysis that we have about it is the NIST paper that states that Bitcoin Cash is the cryptocurrency that is most close to being the real bitcoin. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is an institution part of the Department of Commerce, that aids in the creation and certification of standards in the USA. So its opinion certainly is important in this matter.
But n terms of real value, brand recognition, and market share, there is no denying that bitcoin has the upper hand. Bitcoin was the cryptocurrency that started all other cryptocurrencies, there is no denying that. All cryptocurrency market derives from it. But, then again, coming full circle, which Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin? Only time will tell.

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