Saturday, May 30, 2020

Bitcoin Unlimited Developers Decamps Because Of Bitcoin Cash SV Defiance

The ongoing feud in the camp of the two Bitcoin Cash ledgers split has seeped into Bitcoin Unlimited (BU)’s camp and has subsequently seen the departure of three developers within the space of two weeks.

Loyalty Wars

Late last year saw one of the most interesting hash wars in the crypto space since its decade-old evolution as famous Bitcoin-forked Bitcoin Cash (BCH) split into two ledgers fighting for supremacy BCH ABC and BCH SV. After a brief period of hassles and mining tussles, BCH ABC finally won the majority vote and won the original BCH blockchain ticker.

The BCH SV community pioneered by Craig Steven Wright—self-announced Satoshi Nakamoto—has continued in determination since then and has recently come into a sort of agreed alliance with the previously quiet Bitcoin Unlimited. The alliance has not gone quite well with a few in the BU camp and some has raised public alarms claiming the recent alarm is a shrewd move from Craig Wright himself to ‘grow his own garden’—whatever that means.

Antony Segers, a developer for BCH SV, was the first to leave the CSW camp and loudly so. Announcing his resignation from BCH SV on Twitter, another developer has swiftly followed suit in the same fashion. Tomislav Dugandzic was a developer that occasionally worked with BU; however, he has called time on his work with Bitcoin Unlimited citing the recent friendly relationship that was increasingly forming between Bitcoin Unlimited and BCH SV. Tomislav has blamed his reason for leaving on BCH SV’s collective as a whole, naming it ‘unacceptable’ and confessing he wants no part it. He Tweeted:

“After careful consideration, I too am hereby resigning my BU membership. “Antony Zegers and Amaury Sechet have already resigned in protest and so am I. The current BU leadership’s collaboration with the BSV community is unacceptable and I want no part in it.”

All for the Gram?

One of the current developers for BU has however commented on the issue on Reddit, dismissing the allegations as only for publicity and influence of opinions. According to the Reddit user, the three developers who announced their resignation on Twitter were not even important developers on the team and were mostly fringe commitments.

“When you look a little more closely though I don’t think their arguments hold water,” he wrote.

“Amaury claims Antony Zegers (the first to leave BU) was one of the most important members of BU which is a pretty pretty far stretch of the imagination considering he never made any code contributions…I never even know who Antony was until the time BU went to visit nChain a couple of years back!”

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