Bitcoin-Themed Toys to Be Traceable on the Blockchain Platform

To help the average techie understand what Blockchain technology is, the company Crypto Kaiju has decided to bring it closer to home. And that is, with the design of toys that can be traceable on the Blockchain platform. The genuineness of these toys can be verified, and as such, a buyer will be confident that the real collectible has been purchased.

First Batch of Toys Get Named After Blockchain’s First Block

Genesis, as the first batch of these toys is called, gets its name from the first block in a Blockchain. These toys’ design is based on a Bitcoin-themed traditional Kaiju monster. Genesis will be shipped in December this year, and only 130 will be sent to users. At a later timer, customers will be able to preorder more.
According to its maker, the purpose of designing these toys is to prove their originality and bring about scarcity. The demand for these collectibles will be high, and if a user cannot easily get a hold of them, then more value will be placed on these toys. Crypto Kaiju also revealed that one more way of making this exciting is by allowing certain toy colors and traits to be scarcer than others.

Kaiju Toy Based on ERC721 Token

These physical toys unlike others out there are based on the ERC721 token, and each collectible is said to be uniquely identified by a token. Also, a token describes the features and attributes of a toy. This includes the toy’s color, gender, date of birth, and personality traits (creativity or intelligence).
These Kaiju toys will have an NFC (near-field communication) chip that is tamper resistant. The chip will be embedded into the toy’s foot to enable smartphones to connect wirelessly to devices owned by other users of the toy.

Difficulty in Distinguishing an Original From a Fake Collectible

Oliver Carding, Co-founder of Crypto Kaiju, revealed that he has been collecting designer toys for some time now. But the problem is, there was no way he could tell a fake from an original. As a result, he was not entirely confident in the toy he had purchased. Besides, there was no way to find how many such designs were produced in a batch.
Therefore, this is where the idea came from to design crypto toys that meet each of these requirements. In line with that, the company is trying to explore the capabilities of Blockchain technology. This is through the implementation of unique toy IDs that are stored on Blockchain to prevent piracy.

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