2021 is a special year for bitcoin, and its price could top $100,000 as soon as this summer, said the founder and CEO of Ballet – Bobby Lee. He went even further by projecting a $300,000 price per token by the end of the year but also warned about the potential bear market following every peak.
$100K or $300K for BTC in 2021?
By gaining roughly $50,000 in several months, it’s safe to assume that bitcoin is indeed in a bull market. While the community is certain about that fact, though, they dabble with the precise start date of that cycle.
According to Bobby Lee, the founder and former CEO of the crypto exchange BTCC, the primary cryptocurrency started its latest and most significant run-up at the start of 2021 when it traded just shy of $30,000.
Despite more than doubling in value since then and painting a new ATH last week at $61,800, bitcoin could be primed for another leg up that can take it to a six-digit price territory by this summer.
“Bitcoin bull market cycles come every four years, and this is a big one. I think it could really go up to over $100,000 this summer.”
Furthermore, Lee projected an even more bullish end-of-the-year price tag for BTC. He believes that the cryptocurrency could do a 10x surge from its early 2021 price and could top $300,000 if history is to repeat itself.
Bobby Lee. Source: Yahoo FinanceAlthough reaching such a high price tag seems quite optimistic, to say the least, it’s worth noting that some …
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