Bitcoin Now Sold At The Post Office In Liechtenstein

Bitcoin investors in Liechtenstein can now buy bitcoin at the post office. The new service is being aided with the partnership of Liechtenstein’s official post office with Swiss blockchain company, Värdex Suisse, a regulated payment service provider based in Switzerland.

Fiat For Bitcoin Made Easy

The postal service notes that the new service which was launched on the 15th of February is not different from the conventional money exchange business which has always been a part of swiss post’s service. Also, it involves the customer receiving a physical crypto wallet which allows the holder using public or private key to activate the crypto box on the blockchain.
Liechtenstein is a crypto friendly country, among the most friendly in the world. Crypto law and business operations have been made more conducive in the country with the crypto act that was adopted in the country in June 2018.
The main goal of the act is to make the country more crypto friendly. In effect, operating a crypto related business has been made much easier. A blockchain business can be setup without opening a bank account. Also, a leading financial institution in the country, Bank Frick, accepts cryptocurrencies directly.
Meanwhile, in February 2018, the crowned prince of the country stated that he believes that investing in cryptocurrency will help his family restore their wealth. He is also making an effort at exploring the blockchain technology to see to the administration of the monarchy.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Adoption Race

The cryptocurrency and blockchain tech has seen wide and massive adoption in recent time. Even as the industry awaits the influx of institutional investors and favorable.
Crypto rules and regulations are key for the growth of the nascent industry in any country and countries that have adopted a favourable rule on this have seen a massive influx of related businesses in recent time. This serves as an extra boost to the economy of the host countries, as technology is considered the future of the financial world.
Likewise, countries have been making efforts to emulate the likes of South Korea, Japan, Malta among others with crypto friendly rules. Countries such as France, USA, among others have taken effort towards providing a crypto friendly environment as well.

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