Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Who Invented Bitcoin?

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Something happened in 2009 that would change the world forever. A paper was released in the previous year and was titled “Bitcoin: A peer to peer electronic cash system” and afterwards, the software was unveiled, and everyone in the world suddenly had the choice to use a digital currency that will not have interference or regulation from the government. The software and currency was named Bitcoin.

The real identity of the creator of Bitcoin has been a puzzle for crypto experts, journalists and world governments. The only thing known is the name “Satoshi Nakamoto,” whether it belongs to an individual or a group remains a mystery. Also, the name could be a pseudonym, and in the Japanese language, Satoshi means “clear thinking and wise” While the meaning of Nakamoto is “central origin, one who lives in the middle.”

Concerning the creation of Bitcoin, no one legally bearing the name Satoshi Nakamoto has laid claim to the invention. It is possible that the person or group responsible for the creation of Bitcoin could be citizens of other countries, not necessarily Japan.

The search to find the Bitcoin inventor has been what could be described as a “Rollercoaster ride”. Below are some people who have been connected at some point to the creation of Bitcoin.

Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo is a computer scientist from America. In 2013, he was said to be Nakamoto by Skye Grey, a blogger, who made this “accusation” through a detailed article containing the result of a stylometric analysis on Bitcoin’s whitepaper. Grey stated in an interview that he was not 100% sure that Szabo was Satoshi Nakamoto, but that Szabo being a cryptography researcher made it plausible. Some of the pieces of evidence Grey presented to back up his claim are:

  • Nick was working a similar project named bit gold few months to the unveiling of Bitcoin, and the project was stopped after the release of Bitcoin.
  • The Bitcoin whitepaper mentioned other cryptocurrencies but left out Szabo’s work.
  • Szabo had worked on a decentralized currency for ten years, but when Bitcoin was unveiled, he said very little about it publicly.

Dorian Nakamoto

Another person linked to the creation of Bitcoin is Dorian Nakamoto, and the supposed connection was made by Leah McGrath Goodman, a journalist. Dorian who is an American was given the name Satoshi at birth and works as a certified physicist who has been engaged in computer engineering projects both in the military and private sectors. Nakamoto denied being the brain behind Bitcoin.

Craig Steven Wright

Another highly controversial theory of Bitcoin’s invention was connected to Craig, an academic and a computer scientist from Australia and surprisingly, the theory was supported from all quarters. This time around, Craig was not “accused” instead he made the claim himself. Soon after, the home of Craig was raided by the Australian law enforcement agencies, but they said that the raid had nothing to do with Bitcoin but instead a tax investigation.

Satoshi Nakamoto

The person or group behind this name clearly wishes to stay undiscovered, to remain a concept rather than a person. To be remembered as a person or group who took the initiative to introduce a better money system to the world. Perhaps it is for the best that Satoshi Nakamoto remains a legend.

The world may or may not find out who the real Satoshi is, but definitely, the world is grateful for Bitcoin.

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