Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Remus Online Store to Accept Bitcoin Payments for Sports Car Exhaust System

[the_ad_placement id="article-top"], an e-commerce site for buying sports cars and motorcycle’s exhaust system in a press release on March 11 announced that it would be accepting Bitcoin for payments. The store is an authorized retailer of Remus products, and it outlined that accepting cryptocurrency makes processing payments faster, lessens the fee, and prevents chargebacks.

RemusExhaustStore Announces Plans to Accept Cryptocurrencies

Per the press release, RemusExhaustStore which was launched in 2013 by KayalonMotorsports will be accepting cryptocurrencies for sports exhaust systems. The store is an approved affiliate of Remus, a world leader in exhausts for cars and bikes. The payments, on the other hand, will be processed with the use of Chimpion, a  cryptocurrency e-commerce platform that enables merchants to receive cryptorrencies.

Therefore, the virtual assets that will be accepted by the store include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), and Zcoin (XZC). According to the company, each of these will ensure that Remus products can be accessed worldwide by more shoppers.

Processing Cryptocurrency Payments are Faster

In the same vein, processing cryptocurrency payments are faster, and as such, it helps the customer’s goods to be delivered on time. It also reduces the transaction fees that would’ve been charged for fiat conversion. As a result, less than a penny is charged. The use of crypto also prevents chargebacks that would’ve occurred.

While making comments about the proposed payment setup, Wayne Gregson, the owner of the platform outlined that they are excited to offer a larger user base, high-quality Remus exhaust systems that are made in Austria. He added that as an authorized Remus retailer, the use of virtual currencies takes away some of the costs of selling online and the transaction process is faster.

Gregson also said:

We think our customers will really appreciate this new integration from Shopping Cart Elite.

More Companies are Adopting Bitcoin and Altcoins for Payments

News of this nature shows that more companies are adopting Bitcoin and altcoins for payments. Asides from companies, the government itself is taking an active part in the movement. For instance, state public rides in Argentina can be paid for using Bitcoin. The latter will enable people in 37 locations in the country to pay for bus and cab rides using digital currency.

BTCNN on March 12 also informed of Antalya homes, a real estate company which sold nine houses for Bitcoin in 2018. The company also outlined that accepting a virtual asset helps investors to spend their holdings in a risk-free and secure manner. It also added that users could secure a home in Turkey at a starting price of 30 thousand Euros (9 BTC).

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