Thursday, April 25, 2019

Largest German Food Delivery Portal With 13,000 Restaurants Accepts Bitcoin, the largest German food delivery portal is accepting Bitcoin for food payments. The company which is owned by connects to over 13,000 restaurants in Germany. This makes the portal one more in a range of platforms that are accepting Bitcoin payments right from an Android, iOS or Windows device.

Food Ordering Website Accepts Bitcoin For Payments, a food delivery website is now processing its payments using Bitcoin as well as Paypal, credit cards, and Sofortüberweisung ( traditional cash). While Bitcoin non-users may opt to use the latter payment methods, the offer for Bitcoin is more enticing. This is because fees are not charged when transactions are made with the digital asset, in comparison with a 6 percent fee users have to pay with Paypal.

As of 2017, this subsidiary of had first announced its inclusion of the Bitcoin option, which may have been disabled for reasons unknown. During that time, Lieferando stated that its data from 2016 shows that over 50 percent of its customers paid for food online. They had also stated that their aim, is to make the ordering of food as easy and convenient as possible, and as such “the platform cannot ignore Bitcoin either.”

Lieferando Partnering Restaurants Increase from 11,000

The company in 2017 also announced that they have 11,000 restaurants linked to the portal and they were receiving around 17.3 million orders. However, in 2019, this value has increased to about 13,000 partnering restaurants The site links to fast foods providing Haloween dishes and even Mexican food.

Reportedly, is also into dishes like, but the company has been acquiring its competitors for some years now. The media also reveals that one of its biggest contenders was Lieferando before it was purchased for €70 million in October 2014. This acquisition led to their merging even though the brand name has been maintained.

More Restaurants Adopt Cryptocurrency For Payments

On December 6, BTCNN also reported that food could be purchased in over 14000 restaurants in Denmark using Bitcoin. This was made possible by the platform, which has partnered with each of these fast foods in the area. According to, they have been accepting Bitcoin since 2014 but had to discontinue due to the slow nature of transactions as at 2017.

Asides from Bitcoin, BTCNN on December 13 reported that Churches’ Restaurants had adopted dash cryptocurrency in Venezuela. This was after the company had stated that KFC fast foods in the region would be accepting its digital asset. However, this was not the case, given that KFC said they had not finalised plans to process payments virtual asset.

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