Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Jack Dorsey Continues Spreading The Gospel Of Bitcoin, Purchases Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

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Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, continues to spread the good news of crypto with his recent purchase of Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet.

Safety With Crypto Hardware Wallet

Dorsey revealed via a tweet post on the 7th of March that he owns a Bitcoin hardware wallet at the moment. He noted that he purchased his Trezor Bitcoin hardware wallet with the cash app of his other company square. He paid the sum of 0.066 BTC for the device and stated that it also includes both Trevor’s latest Model T wallet and Cryptosteel backup tool.

Notably, Dorsey is a Bitcoin enthusiast as well as a tech celebrity that understands and knows the value of investing in cryptocurrency. The volume of cryptos he holds is unknown. However, he has been a significant proponent of Bitcoin adoption in recent time. You can as well make your first purchase here or buy more.

Laying the precedence for many novices in the crypto space, he has purchased a hardware wallet that offers more security than the software wallet which is more prone to hack. Hardware wallet enables crypto holders to store their crypto holdings and have personal control of it, just like being your bank.

Trezor CTO, Pavel Rusnack responded to Dorsey’s tweet that “You have made the right decision to make your funds safe.” He further described it as one of the steps to individual sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Dorsey was asked why he made the choice of Trezor over Ledger’s Bitcoin hardware wallet. In response, he stated that he chose Trezor because of its open source infrastructure. Ledger later defended its product by stating that “…thank you for raising awareness about Bitcoin! The security model of hardware is quite complex, and offering open source firmware isn’t a silver bullet.”

Dorsey’s Bitcoin Advocacy

Dorsey’s advocacy for Bitcoin has become prominent in recent time. Crypto enthusiasts applauded his choice of seeking more protection for his crypto assets on twitter as it promotes Bitcoin more.

In recent time, he labeled Bitcoin as the currency of the internet, as he envisaged a united world through the use of the cryptocurrency. He noted that “Bitcoin is resilient. Bitcoin is principled. Bitcoin is native to internet ideals. And it’s a great brand.”

Also, he publicly commends Bitcoin’s Lightning Network implementation as a payment protocol. Specifically, Dorsey joined the Lightning Torch transaction relay, which seeks to test and bolster awareness of the Network.

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