Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Brazilian Businessman/Programmer Creates Crypto Coffee Machine

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Brazilian businessman/programmer, Ricardo Reis, has created a cryptocurrency coffee machine which runs with the use of bitcoin as reported in Reis wants to show that cryptocurrency has high potential and that it can be used in many cases. He considered cryptocurrency as a “programmable money.”

This coffee machine operates when a bitcoin amount is transferred to the wallet connected to it. This machine has a programmed QR code which makes it possible to buy coffee by using bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The crypto coffee machine video was shared through Facebook among the BTC group. Those who would like to see how the machine actually works may check the said video.

Reis said in an interview with Brazilian news program Porto do Bitcoin that he is into bitcoin and that he had made an investment since 2016, but he does not work directly with any cryptocurrencies. He developed the crypto coffee machine so that he could learn more and see its market potential.

Reis noted ” I developed a device that powers the coffee machine with Bitcoin transactions to study and have fun. Dealing with technology, for me, besides work, is a hobby. My intention was not to create something to explore commercially, I wanted to simply explore the technology’s capability and show other people how BTC is ‘programmable money’.”

The said coffee machine is not utilizing bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN), but Reis commented that he intends to use the said technology soon. So that he could test the LN, he mentioned that he is holding a mock run on LN  and that it is feasible to pay for coffee and other products there.

In developing the crypto coffee machine, Reis said that he used Rasberry Pi as the processor and PHP as the programming language.

Reis developed this cryptocurrency coffee machine at a time when the crypto market is on its recovery period after SEC’s claim that ethereum and bitcoin are not securities.


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